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Eminem’s Verse In Airplanes, Part II By B.o.B

I don’t wanna be a buzzkill or anything, but most of Eminem’s verse in this song almost completely describes my recent life. For Example:

"Let’s pretend things would have been no different
Pretend he procrastinated, had no motivation
Pretend he just made excuses that were so paper thin they could blow away with the wind”

This part describes my initiative to live my life to it’s fully by doing what I love for a Living

"you’re never gonna make it makes no sense to play the game there ain’t no way that you’ll win"

This part describes My mom and her boyfriend telling me that gaming isn’t a proper field to work in. My mom doesn’t support her own child’s dreams

"Pretend he just stayed outside all day and played with his friends"

This part describes how my mom thinks playing games and talking to my friends and live streaming/uploading footage is an addiction that’s gonna make be poor fool with no life. Also the fact that she apparently think socializing with people who share the same interests as me in wrong.

"Pretend he even had a friend to say was his friend"

Basically a couple of people I thought were cool and chill and my "friends" are starting to make me think otherwise… fuckin’ pricks.

"He had a father and his mother wasn’t crazy as shit"

Pretty Self-explanatory, My father is deceased, and my mom… yeah…

Although there is one good thing about my life…

Anyway, I just wanted to post this here to get it off my chest. Go Listen To It If You Want It Starts Around 2:50 into the song.




White people son

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